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Cosciali imbottiti corte

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19,00 €


Cotone 100% (densità fino a 260gr/m2)
Imbottito con vatin (densità fino a 400gr/m2)
Lacci di pelle naturale
Venduto da coppia

S:  Longueur: 60 cm
     Largeur : 52 cm

M:  Longueur: 62 cm
      Largeur : 54 cm

L:   Longueur: 54 cm
      Largeur : 58cm

XL:  Longueur: 64 cm
       Largeur : 60 cm

XXL:  Longueur: 66 cm
        Largeur : 62 cm



Bonne protection

Légers mais assez rembourrés pour assurer une protection efficace (en 4 couches). Un rapport qualité-prix admirable !

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Wonderful product

I'm really satisfied with this product,it's very well padded,it protects very well(even better if you add protection for the knees).
It's very easy to wear and to clean,very cheap price for an excellent quality.
A little note:
I ordered mine a little bit longer than the original in this photo,in order to protect the knees,so If you do like me,and you order the 4 layers of padding in the beginning it may result a little bit rigid in the knee zone(when you fight and you have to bent it),but if you use it a lot it becomes softer.

  • 2 clienti su 2 trovano questa recensione utile.

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Cosciali imbottiti corte

Cosciali imbottiti corte