Our medieval boutique offers you wide range of medieval goods of Royal Factory and Indian Medieval Armour brand: shoes, medieval clothes, leather goods.

Attention!  We do not work with stock!  All articles presented on the website are launched for manufacture after the client makes the payment.  Term of manufacture is 4-5 days, depending on the order volume. 

When making shoes we use natural cordovan mat leather with medieval aspect, up to 2.2 mm thick.  Soles are made of natural leather up to 5.5 mm thick. At client’s request, we apply a layer of anti-skid elastomer.  Leather is mat, dark-brown.

Clothes are made of 100% natural cotton. Batting-lined articles, such as gambesones, cosciali in cotone imbottiti, collari imbottiti are made of batting of 400 gr/m2 density, which provides good amortisation and protection from kicks.   Client has the possibility to choose the number of batting layers.   At client’s request, we modify certain standard dimensions of a gambeson, such as - sleeve length, overall length and chest circumference. We also make articles of coloured cotton - red, blue, brown or black. Please be aware that nuances of coloured fabric can sometimes vary - it can be darker or lighter than the one indicated on the web site.

We recommend you to examine article’s specification before making an order, verifying detailed dimensions corresponding to the requested size.   These specifications are provided under the image of each article on the web site.  

When registering your order at the web site, please specify the urgency of your order, as well as other important details related to your order or a certain article in the “Comments” section.

We are looking forward to your suggestions and recommendations regarding quality improvement for our products and services.   We will be glad to provide you with additional information by e-mail or by phone.    

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